January 9, 2016


Sometimes throughout this project I felt like the Universe was rewarding me for my efforts. I decided not to take photos just after midnight and didn’t shoot at sunrise. I went out about 9:30 am when I saw these clouds in the sky. About 5 minutes after setting up, I was treated by flybys from several flocks of geese that flew right into frame.

January 8, 2016


I started a new project with my photography group called, “A Year in the Life of Bigfoot,” featuring our own Bigfoot,¬†Gordon Ufdah Gods. I had Gordon for the first week and had to create this composite with my tree.

January 6, 2016


A family of 5 deer wandered past this morning at sunrise. I set up in a hurry when I saw this doe on the hill. This is the first shot I took, and it’s the only one of three that turned out well because she moved.